The Ogbowuru Hall

As tradition demands, the OGBOWURU HALL / SHRINE was a be-hive of activities culminating the 1st year anniversary of the OLU OF WARRI. To me, (Samuel Meyiwa Khalil), it was a life-time experience and EVENT and certainly never to be forgotten. As Itsekiri tradition/custom demands, the OGBOWURU deity commands a lot of AUTHORITY as it is a bond for the appellation of AFOMASIN.

However, there are certain criteria that qualifies a male or female to gain access into the OGBOWURU HALL.

  •  You must not be a WITCH or WIZARD, if you are, you will not live to see the next day…
  • * If you are a man, you must not have SLEPT with a woman prior to entering the OGBOWURU HALL.
  • * If you are a woman, you must have attained MENOPAUSE.
  • * If you conceive anything EVIL, if you dare enter OGBOWURU hall, it is “segobe” in Hausa.
  • * No man enters OGBOWURU hall with a shirt on.
  • * every man must either put a white handkerchief round his neck or bead.
  • *No one enters the hall with a FOOTWEAR.
  • *You must be cleansed ‘Gbaran’ before you are allowed access into the hall…

Conclusively, most of the rights performed so far, is for the protection, prosperity, peace and progress of WARRI KINGDOM…


Speacial thanks to Samuel Meyiwa Khalil