Welcome to Learn Itsekiri Language and Culture (LILC)

The Itsekiris could be classified to be among the minority tribes of the southern part of Nigeria, with a total population of about a million people having their various hometowns spread across the three Warri LGAs of Delta State, Nigeria and a small part of Edo State. The Itsekiri culture is a very rich one.

Itsekiris are well educated and well traveled and have their people residing in other parts of the world, especially in the USA, UK and Canada. However, due to modernization and intermarriages, the Itsekiri language and Culture is gradually going into extinction.

This project was born out of the need to preserve and teach the language and rich cultural heritage to Itsekiris and non-Itsekiris.

The lessons on this website which have been put together by educators and linguists are systematically graded from beginner to advanced levels. While some of the lessons are free, some are paid for, however, the fee is just a small token  to maintain the website and other logistics.